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Florida Coyote Control

Coyote Removal in Florida

We are licensed and insured and all of our professionals receive ongoing training to keep up with the industry's best practices for the safe removal of coyotes from your home. Our treatments are highly effective and affordable. When you contact us to get rid of coyotes, your satisfaction is our guarantee!

Coyote Characteristics
Coyotes are members of the canid family, which includes wolves, dogs and foxes. Adults coyotes weigh an average of 30 to 50 pounds, and are four to five feet long from nose to end of tail.

Coyotes are carnivores, whose diet consists of rabbits, deer fawns, birds and various invertebrates. Coyotes also scavenge and can bring down larger prey in packs. They raise pups in dens, but seldom dig their own.

They possess exceptional senses of smell, sight and hearing, and can produce a distinct howl.

Coyote Nuisance Concerns
Coyotes can cause damage to a variety of resources, including livestock, poultry, and crops. They sometimes prey on pets and are a threat to public health and safety when they frequent airport runways and residential areas, and act as carriers of rabies. Coyotes prefer solidation, but become a big nuisance when it comes to certain livestock. Occasionally, an individual coyote learns that chickens, sheep, lambs and calves are easy prey.

During the winter , coyotes aggressively defend the area around their den site. This is when they often come into conflict with dogs (March–April), who they view as a threat to their pups. This is especially true if the coyotes are trying to move into the dog's turf (a yard).

In the early spring and summer, coyotes seek easy prey to keep up with the food demands of their pups. "Easy prey" may include cats and dogs in suburban areas, and young livestock (lambs, chicks) in rural areas.

There may also be complaints during the fall, as young coyotes try to establish their own territories, because that can be a noisy process.

Coyote Trapping & Removal Service
Nationwide, few people have been attacked by coyotes. Most coyotes don't bother people. Some coyotes can become bold and aggressive. If you see individuals showing these behaviors, call Wildlife Troopers Services immediately. The potential does exist for coyote attacks in Florida. People and coyotes can usually coexist if the coyotes maintain their natural fear of people.

Call Wildlife Troopers Services for Coyote Removal in Florida.

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"If you have coyote problems on your property, call Wildlife Troopers for coyote removal and control services in Florida. He went thru whole house, went to the roof to check, very thoroughly with his work. He also very knowledge about his work. The only thing is, he may forgot about appointment. If you text or call, he will rely in 1 day. "
- Tam L.

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