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Florida Sparrow Control

Sparrow Removal in Florida

We are licensed and insured and all of our professionals receive ongoing training to keep up with the industry's best practices for the safe removal of birds from your home. Our treatments are highly effective and affordable. When you contact us to get rid of your birds problem, your satisfaction is our guarantee!

Sparrow Characteristics
The House Sparrow is the #2 Urban Pest Bird. Introduced as a species to North America, the house sparrow quickly spread across the country due to its lack of natural enemies and its adaptive traits. A sparrow's ability to nest in urban structures, eat urban scraps and a large breeding capacity are some of these adaptive traits.

House Sparrows are often a nuisance in manufacturing and food processing plants. Gutters and drainage pipes clogged with sparrow nests can backup and cause extensive water damage, and fires have been attributed to electrical shorts caused by machinery housing sparrow nests. And feces buildup can lead to structural damage from the uric acid in droppings, plus the bacteria, fungal agents and parasites in the feces also pose a health risk.

Successful Sparrow Control
The most effective methods of sparrow control is by exclusion or habitat modification. The control program combined with occasional trapping and nest removal will greatly reduce the population over time.

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"I contacted 2 companies, and Wildlife Troopers gave me a price that is half of the other company. He went thru whole house, went to the roof to check, very thoroughly with his work. He also very knowledge about his work. The only thing is, he may forgot about appointment. If you text or call, he will rely in 1 day. "
- Tam L.

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