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Florida Woodpecker Control

Woodpecker Removal in Florida

Woodpeckers are a nuisance! They can do quite a bit of damage by pecking holes in your siding. There are many reasons why a woodpecker would be attacking your house. When examining the damage, look at the size of the holes. If the holes are large and its spring, the holes could indicate building a nest. However if the holes are smaller and irregular shaped, it usually means the bird is feeding on insects. Woodpeckers will also store their food in the fall. This may be the case if the hole is approximately the size of an acorn, and it is fall season.

Woodpeckers are also attracted to houses that are painted darker because they look like they could be a tree. Some paints or oil based stains can contain nut oil which also unfortunately attracts the birds. When choosing a paint or stain you should be aware of what is in it before paint your home.

Humane Woodpecker Trapping in Florida
Woodpeckers are also very territorial. They make those loud annoying hammering sounds sometimes to let other woodpeckers know they have claimed their spot on your home. If this is the case you might have a couple of them competing to stay. If they are hammering away on the gutters, vinyl or metal siding this could be they are just trying to attract a mate. This could go on for days.

Why You May Need Woodpeckers Control - Florida
Regardless of the reason, unfortunately, you have a woodpecker problem. The DIY fixes suggested on the internet only work temporarily. Once woodpeckers know the plastic owl, reflective streamers or hawk sounding systems are not dangerous, they will continue to attack the dwelling.

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